Ethan Minsker

Book Excerpts

Rich Boy Cries for Momma

The Great Liberal Experiment

“Where are we going today?” I asked Patsy.

“Baby, you’re going to a new school, special for you.” Her car was almost an army green so I pretended it was a fast moving tank and nothing could penetrate its armor. We could roll over the cars in front of us or blast through walls to cut corners. Then I imagined both sides of Connecticut Avenue were lined with soldiers saluting us. But the closer we got to downtown, they slowly changed from soldiers to ballerinas. A special school for me, didn’t sound normal. My stomach started tensing up and my palms began to sweat. The ballerinas faded into pedestrians on their way to work.
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Kicked in the Face

Mother’s row house had a two-story add-on. Sister and I shared the upstairs add-on that was just off our two bedrooms. My old bunk bed divided the space. Fiona put on some of my old boxer shorts and a tshirt. Her breasts floated under the shirt and I guessed where her nipples might be. The lower bunk would be Fiona’s assigned bed for the night. Mother yawned, rolled her hands into fists and spent a moment trying to push the sleep from her eyes, but instead she just pushed it in deeper.
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Puke Boots

“You want to get something to drink and hang out?” said Fiona.

“I don’t have any money.” Mother was at her boyfriend’s house and the thought of drinking sounded fun. Maybe I had more devious thoughts?

“I got money,” said Edgea.

Pierre kept sneaking peeks at Edgea’s round ass. It was nice but jerked to one side every time she took a step. I noticed Edgea limped oddly. There was something strange about one of her boots. One heel was larger than the other one. We walked over to the mini-mart and the guy behind the counter greeted me with a warm hello…
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