Ethan Minsker


The Dolls of Lisbondolls

Channeling the Mexican Zapatista movement, The Dolls of Lisbon is New York City’s Antagonist Art Movement’s latest calling. Featuring artists from The United States, Ecuador, Portugal, and fellow Antagonist Artists in Europe. This documentary focuses on the labors of the artist.


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This is Berlin Not New York

An inspiring look at New York underground artists making art and friends on the other side of the world. In 2007, ten New York-based artists traveled to Berlin for ten days with one purpose: experience life artfully. They put on an exhibition in a local gallery, displayed artworks on the street, transformed an abandoned building into an original work of art, and connected with Berlin artists.




Anything Boys Can Do

The upsurge of women involvement in the scene, female musicians are all too often regarded as novelty acts, regularly shrugged off as militant feminist or cutely entertaining. Overwhelmed by the numbers of male bands, female bands of the scene are lumped together in one category, “girl group”, regardless of style. This filmreveals the issues affecting women in general and as individual performers.


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The Soft Hustlesoft

The story of a Lower East Side lowlife who makes a bet for $1,000, which he promptly loses. After getting kicked out of the apartment of his girlfriend, he finds himself going home with cheap barflies, robbing East Village stores and pathetically pretending he is gay just to have a place to sleep.